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a Supportive Psychotherapy in New York

Gay Psychotherapy in New York, NY

Howard Rossen, LCSW

Over the years being a Psychotherapist who practices in New York City, I have built a large and diverse clientele of both straight and gay patients. Although the basic tenants of  psychotherapy are the same for all people throughout the life cycle I find that the issues confronting the LGBT community are particularly unique.

 Growing up we all have role models and individuals that we idolize being either our immediate family or adults and peers me meet along the way. We also have an ever more vivid media presenting figures that we begin to idolize and develop sexual attractions to as well. For young boys and girls who are innately gay this becomes a confusing time. Identifying with our peers is an important part of development but what if the roles that we are told to play don’t quite feel right? How are adolescents supposed to navigate this mine field of emotions as they try to please both their parents and peers as well as themselves? This is the difficult part that all of us need to process in order to have a healthy integrative life. For the gay man and women embarking on psychotherapy exploring this difficult journey presents a unique set of conflicts which makes our work truly sui generis…..unique unto itself.

 As an experienced psychotherapist who has been in practice for close to 20 years I have found that gay and questioning patients find a thoughtful and supportive atmosphere in my office where we get to question the basic assumptions of one’s lives and find healthy pathways to self love and respect. 

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